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Carl von, Swedish botanist and physician, 1707-1778.
linnaean system of nomenclature - the system of nomenclature in which the names of species are composed of genus and species. Synonym(s): binary nomenclature
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Schiebinger (2004) argues, in the context of discussing Carl von Linne's habit of naming plants after people, that this practice contributed to the consolidation of Western hegemony in the colonies and brought a history of celebrating European men into botanical nomenclature.
Houstoun's plant specimens were later officially named by von Linne Buddleja americana in his Species Plantarum (1753) and Genera Plantarum (1754).
En 1758 publica la decima edicion de "Systema Naturae"; tres anos mas tarde recibio un titulo de nobleza adoptando el nombre de von Linne y en 1763 su hijo Carlos se convierte en su ayudante.
The so-called "classical" definition, used by Swedish botanist Carl von Linne (1707-78) and others, defined species as "a group of organisms in which individuals are members of the species if they sufficiently conform to certain fixed properties".
When the great botanical systematizer Carl von Linne (Linnaeus) visited Lapland on a collecting expedition in 1732, he was fascinated by the indigenous population.