Gierke, Edgar von

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Edgar von, German pathologist, 1877-1945.
Fibiger-Debré-von Gierke syndrome - Synonym(s): Debré-Fibiger syndrome
Gierke disease - glycogenosis due to glucose 6-phosphatase deficiency, resulting in accumulation of excessive amounts of glycogen of normal chemical structure, particularly in liver and kidney. Synonym(s): type 1 glycogenosis; von Gierke disease; von Gierke syndrome
von Gierke disease - Synonym(s): Gierke disease
von Gierke syndrome - Synonym(s): Gierke disease
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Noise adds to mental stress due to its annoyance and disturbance implications, and hence affects the general well-being of those exposed to it (Agarwal & Swami, 2011; Finegold, Harris, & von Gierke, 1994; Singh & Davar, 2004).
1 Edgar von Gierke, a German pathologist was the first to notice such a lesion in the adrenal gland and described it in 1905, but the lesion was given its name, "myelolipoma", in 1929 by the French pathologist Charles Oberling.
La EAG I o enfermedad de Von Gierke es la mas comun de estas patologias, con una incidencia anual de 1/50.
CT scan diagnosis of hepatic adenoma in a case of von Gierke disease.
Al respecto, Tonnies se apoya en autores como Otto von Gierke, Rudolf Jhering, Johann J.
The renal and hepatic compromise and the demonstration of hypoglycemia in the younger brother (first case), which led him to presenting an epileptic crisis of generalized tonic-clonic type makes us consider that the type of glycogenosis is Von Gierke type I added to the fact that in the hepatic biopsy the glycogen storage was detected but with normal structure.
A pioneer in studying the effects of noise, vibration, and shock on the health of pilots, astronauts and ordinary people, von Gierke helped set national and international standards for the control of noise pollution.
Gerhart von Gierke started the two most successful fusion concepts in the IPP, the stellarator and the tokamak.
Riehl and Otto von Gierke to Hugo Preuss and his draft version of the Weimar constitution.
As mentioned above, the modern resurgence of interest in Althusius began with the nineteenth-century German jurist and historian Otto von Gierke.
The latter of these two traditions was represented by the German historian and legal theorist Otto von Gierke (1841-1921).