Gierke, Edgar von

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Edgar von, German pathologist, 1877-1945.
Fibiger-Debré-von Gierke syndrome - Synonym(s): Debré-Fibiger syndrome
Gierke disease - glycogenosis due to glucose 6-phosphatase deficiency, resulting in accumulation of excessive amounts of glycogen of normal chemical structure, particularly in liver and kidney. Synonym(s): type 1 glycogenosis; von Gierke disease; von Gierke syndrome
von Gierke disease - Synonym(s): Gierke disease
von Gierke syndrome - Synonym(s): Gierke disease
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Noise adds to mental stress due to its annoyance and disturbance implications, and hence affects the general well-being of those exposed to it (Agarwal & Swami, 2011; Finegold, Harris, & von Gierke, 1994; Singh & Davar, 2004).
Myelolipoma is an unusual benign tumour, composed of mature fat tissue and haematopoietic elements including myeloid and erythroid cells.1 Edgar von Gierke, a German pathologist was the first to notice such a lesion in the adrenal gland and described it in 1905, but the lesion was given its name, "myelolipoma", in 1929 by the French pathologist Charles Oberling.1 Myelolipomas are generally adrenal lesions and extra-adrenal myelolipomas (EAMLs) are a very rare entity.
A novel missense mutation (H119L) identified in a Taiwan Chinese family with glycogen storage disease Ia (Von Gierke disease).
CT scan diagnosis of hepatic adenoma in a case of von Gierke disease.
The object of this presentation is to report the cases of two siblings with different clinical and biochemical manifestations of glycogenosis, which because of its characteristics corresponds to the type I or Von Gierke's disease.
Borrowing from Otto von Gierke's legal history (especially association rights) and Heinrich Rommen's attempt to ground such rights in teleology, he nonetheless seeks to move beyond both by calling for a reading of jurisprudence that will cull what has historically "worked" in the task of protecting the legal rights of institutions.
According to the researchers, this finding has implications for a genetic disease called Von Gierke's disease and potentially adult-onset diabetes.
HENNING EDGAR VON GIERKE, age 89, Director Emeritus of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and clinical professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, died 11 March 2007 at his home in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Henning von Gierke's handsome sets and costumes upstage Herzog's static direction.
Gerhart von Gierke started the two most successful fusion concepts in the IPP, the stellarator and the tokamak.