Brunn, Albert von

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Albert von, German anatomist, 1849-1895.
Brunn epithelial nests
Brunn membrane - the epithelium of the olfactory region of the nose.
Brunn nests - glandlike invaginations of surface transitional epithelium in the mucosa of the lower urinary tract.
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Nested variant appears as nests which have a bland cytology in the superficial part while more atypia in the deeper portions and mimics von Brunn nests9.
(1) It is a benign tumoral entity covered with columnar or cuboid epithelium with a cystic appearance characterized by proliferation of Von Brunn islets (transitional epithelium which invaginates into lamina propria, a process induced by irritation in chronic cystitis mimicking carcinomatous invasion).
Five years ago: James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist, opened fire in the U.S.
But hidden in the shadows are people like Frazier Glenn Miller, the 73-year-old suspect in the fatal shooting of three people outside the Jewish Community Center near Kansas City, Missouri, and James Von Brunn, the 88-year-old killer of Stephen Johns, a guard at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
* Described as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist, James von Brunn reportedly shot and killed a security guard at the U.S.
Ito ve ark., (8) 125 otopsi vakasinda, von Brunn nestleri, sistitis glandularis gibi proliferatif lezyonlarin ve kolumnar veya kuboidal metaplazi ve skuamoz metaplazi gibi metaplastik lezyonlarin her iki cinste ve yasta sik bulundugunu, kadinlarda skuamoz metaplazinin daha sik izlendigini rapor etmisler ve bunlarin premalign lezyon olarak adlandirilamayacagini bildirmislerdir.
Albrecht von Brunn of LMU Munich and Professor Christian Drosten from the University of Bonn first identified host proteins with which SARS viral proteins interact.
Von Brunn, who lived during the time of the real Nazi horror, presents himself in the guise of a Nazi who reenacts atrocity.
White supremacist James von Brunn, 89, stormed the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and shot dead a security guard in June, 2009.