black vomit

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1. matter expelled from the stomach by the mouth.
2. to eject stomach contents through the mouth.
black vomit vomit consisting of blood that has been acted upon by the gastric juice, seen in yellow fever and other conditions in which blood collects in the stomach.
coffee-ground vomit dark granular material ejected from the stomach, produced by mixture of blood with gastric contents; it is a sign of bleeding in the upper alimentary canal.
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black vom·'it

the material with the consistency of coffee-grounds that is vomited, specifically, in severe yellow fever.
See also: coffee-grounds vomit.
Synonym(s): vomitus niger
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black vomit

1. Dark vomit consisting of digested blood and gastric contents.
2. Severe yellow fever with symptomatic regurgitation of dark vomited matter.
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(1) ‘Vomito negro’ typical of the ‘intoxication’ period of group B arbovirus yellow fever, which may be intense, recurrent, and fatal; the dark color is due to altered blood, and accompanied by hiccupping, tarry stools, anuria, wild delirium, coma, and death
(2) Vomitus containing digested blood and gastric content, popularly known as coffee grounds vomit
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black vomit

Vomited altered blood that has been acted on by the stomach acid.
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