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 [vul-sel´ah] (L.)
a forceps with clawlike hooks at the end of each blade.
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vul·sel·la for·ceps

, vulsellum forceps
a forceps with hooks at the tip of each blade.
Synonym(s): volsella, vulsella, vulsellum
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vulsellum forceps

Long forceps, used primarily in gynaecologic procedures to grasp (slippery) tissue and provide traction or torsion.
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The illustrations PC1-6 show the overall genitalia parts which are volsella, gonostylus and gonocoxite.
PCA based on the data from the shape of volsella, gonostylus and gonocoxite is summarized in a scatterplot matrix shown in Figure 4.
can be distinguished from known species of the genus by the following combination of characters: a spherical median volsella with 9-10 long setae, the basal lobe of the superior volsella with 10-12 setae, tergite IX without median seta, and the absence of pigment marks on the wings.
Derived from the Latin "globosus", meaning spherical, referring to the round shape of the median volsella.
- Superior volsella with 1 apical seta.............................................
(U.) bingoparadoxum is characterized by the following combination: anal point robust, nearly parallel-sided and abruptly tapered to near pointed apex; superior volsella robust, abruptly narrowed apically to hook-shaped form, with two basal setae and one lateral seta, covered with microtrichia.
The imagines are characterized by the following character combination: Ommateum with setae; antenna with 12 clavola; Wing vein R2+3 absent, squama without setae; mid and hind tibiae with one tibial spur; inferior volsella approximatively triangular, curved apically.
Inferior volsella approximatively triangular, curved apically, covered with microtrichiae and about 30-40 weak setae.