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Done by an act of will; relating to volition.
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Done by an act of will; relating to volition.
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Q. What resources are available in Seattle, Washington to help with an autistic child?

A. i miss Seattle... here is a link to "Autism Spectrum Treatment and Research (ASTAR) Center". a well know establishment:


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It is important to mention that if the acquisition signal was less contaminated, this process could be faster and closer to real time for control applications, which emphasizes the need to design and build a specialized acquisition stage in order to start with the best version of a raw sEMG signal (which can also consider a configuration that allows the simultaneous application of FES, for volitional sEMG extraction).
The mean resistance and standard deviation at volitional fatigue in the NC condition was 351 [+ or -] 56 watts, compared to 318 [+ or -] 55 watts in the IC condition.
The volitional pathway, which regulates the emotional pathway, originates in the dorsal and lateral frontoparietal cortex, projects through the internal capsule and midbrain basis pedunculi, and continues on to the anteroventral basis pontis.
Subsequent to Netcom, numerous federal Courts of Appeals and District Courts adopted the standard that direct liability requires volitional conduct.
The process of volitional development, originally based on Reilly's examination of the emergence of play behavior (1974) and Kielhofner's concept of the continuum of occupational change (2008), is viewed as a continuum (Basu et al., 2008; de las Heras et al., 2007).
(10) reported that the frequency of volitional voiding in patients with protected TPS in the first 72 hours after SCI was more than that in patients without TPS, and this finding might be predictive of volitional voiding.
Out of the 10 people who underwent surgical fixation 4 had volitional voiding compared to none managed conservatively.
These identities are acquired through a volitional process because their adoption requires selection or effort on the part of people.
The LITT consisted of bouts of maximal hitting of tennis balls of 4 min duration with 40 sec seated recovery between bouts until volitional fatigue.
From the introduction: "This book examines Article 30 of the Rome Statute which contains the default rule on guilt and defines intent as a basic form of it...." Coverage includes clarification of the terminology, the volitional and cognitive components of intent in relation to conduct and to consequences, other forms of culpability, and mistake of fact and of law in the Rome Statute.
The need for such a collaboration is urgent, Wilson argues, because "we are entering an era of volitional evolution," a time when advances in biotechnology mean we are no longer subject to the processes of natural selection, while at the same time our species is running roughshod over the intricate web of interrelationships among life forms on Earth, with unknown consequences to the survival of life on Earth.