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Normal dimercaptosuccinic acid scintigraphy makes voiding cystourethrography unnecessary after urinary tract infection.
Dimercaptosuccinic acid scintigraphy instead of voiding cystourethrography for infants with urinary tract infection.
Children were then accompanied by a registered nurse from the sedation area to either the fluoroscopy suite for voiding cystourethrography or nuclear medicine area for radionuclide cystography.
Fluoroscopy-controlled voiding cystourethrography in infants and children: Are the radiation risks trivial?
To demonstrate the fistula, voiding cystourethrography and cystoscopy are not always sufficient and it was found in a study that pelvic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed 100% diagnostic accuracy.
For the diagnosis, an intravenous pyelogram, voiding cystourethrography, retrograde pyelography, computed tomography and MRI investigations may also be used.
SAN ERANCISCO -- Voiding cystourethrography is unreliable in detecting urethral obstruction in boys, according to a poster presented by Laetitia M.O.
The 3D images were post-processed with maximum intensity projection (MIP) algorithms to obtain images similar to voiding cystourethrography.
He said success following ureterocystoplasty is based upon careful preoperative patient selection using a combination of ultrasound, voiding cystourethrography (VCUG), and urodynamic studies.
CHICAGO -- Follow-up voiding cystourethrography may not be necessary in children with low-grade vesicoureteral reflux and no renal scarring, Dr.
Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend voiding cystourethrography and the renal ultrasound, and other authorities recommend renal scanning as well.
They argue that the use of voiding cystourethrography to identify children with vesicoureteral reflux "is recommended under the so far unproven assumption that continuous prophylactic antimicrobial therapy is effective in reducing the incidence of reinfection and renal scarring.