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We really need to see an artist from The Voice break through into the music business and have some success as others have done from The X Factor.
Can he keep singing for three minutes before the audience vote him off - or will his voice break first?
Williams has a perfect voice, seamless production and it's boringly faultless; only in Sweet Love Of Mine does her voice break, and there it's straight up beautiful.
Last night, it looked like curtains for Ashley, which is a tragedy - he didn't live long enough to hear his voice break. And it doesn't look good for Rita either.
His lyrics are a little childish and his voice breaks at times but there is plenty here that is endearing and wonderful to listen to.
But he is already looking forward to when his voice breaks - even though that could end his career.
There are stories of hard drinking and hard living, through which her marvellously expressive voice breaks to produce a non-stop shiver effect.Think Raymond Carver to music.
If his voice breaks, or he gets acne, or his neck does that funny teenage thing and goes all Adam'sappley, Ronan will be out of Cowell's office and out of his contract faster than you can say Spelbound.
I know it's what happens when your voice breaks, but mine seems to be breaking more than anyone else's.
In some boys there can be a big change when the voice breaks but it doesn't happen so dramatically for everyone.
"This is an international airline and airport I know the rules I am following the rules I am sick I am allowed to say if I am sick you cannot force me to walk if I cannot walk " he says in the video as his voice breaks.
The GFI self-assessment questionnaire consists of four questions related to issues affecting the glottal function and the degree of the disorder, namely: "I have to make an effort to speak", "I feel a sense of distress or pain after speaking", "I feel vocal fatigue" (weak voice when I speak) and "my voice breaks or is different".