voice box

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voice box

The larynx.


The region of the throat between the pharynx (tip of the epiglottis) and trachea (cricoid cartilage) which contains the vocal cords and is involved in breathing, swallowing, and speech.

• Superolateral boundary—Tip of the epiglottis and aryepiglottic folds.
• Inferior limit—Inferior rim of the cricoid cartilage.
• Posterior limit—Posterior mucosa covering cricoid cartilage, arytenoid region, and interarytenoid space.
• Anterior limit—Lingual surface of epiglottis, thyrohyoid membrane, anterior commissure, thyroid cartilage, cricothyroid membrane, and anterior arch of the cricoid cartilage.

Supraglottis, glottis, subglottis.

voice box

Vox populi Larynx, see there.

Voice box

The larynx.
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A cancer in the upper reaches of the lungs can press on the nerve that supplies your voice box, which causes hoarseness.
He needed major surgery and radiotherapy, and now breathes through a hole in his throat, and holds an electronic voice box to his throat to amplify his speech.
Assistant State Pathologist Dr Peter Ingram said the injuries would have resulted in heavy bleeding into Mr Fox's nose and mouth which would have "severely impaired his ability to breathe" and this would have been compounded by the fractured voice box.
MULTIPLYIN In 2017 he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, a disease that starts in the voice box (larynx) and mostly affects people over the age of 40.
Luca's 'one about the tractor' joke proved such a hit it was chosen as the best joke from his school in Voice Box.
When we first meet John and his family, he is thankfully in remission but is using a synthetic voice box.
A total laryngectomy was done under local anaesthesia i.e removal of the whole larynx (Voice Box), part of hypopharynx was removed and reconstruction was done and permanent alternative airway was constructed.
He said paan, gutka, betel nuts and smoking were contributing factors in voice box complications and oral cancer.
There was also a collection of stab wounds to the front of Mr Gaut's neck which had pierced his voice box.
While age-related changes to the vocal folds and voice box occur, serious voice disorders such as laryngeal cancer and vocal fold paralysis are more common in older adults.
WHEN throat cancer patient Craig Robinson discovered he needed his voice box removed, he feared his young daughter would forget the sound of his voice.
The dad-of-one was subjected to hours of torture leaving him with broken kneecaps, brain damage and a crushed voice box.