voice box

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voice box

The larynx.

voice box

See larynx.


The region of the throat between the pharynx (tip of the epiglottis) and trachea (cricoid cartilage) which contains the vocal cords and is involved in breathing, swallowing, and speech.

• Superolateral boundary—Tip of the epiglottis and aryepiglottic folds.
• Inferior limit—Inferior rim of the cricoid cartilage.
• Posterior limit—Posterior mucosa covering cricoid cartilage, arytenoid region, and interarytenoid space.
• Anterior limit—Lingual surface of epiglottis, thyrohyoid membrane, anterior commissure, thyroid cartilage, cricothyroid membrane, and anterior arch of the cricoid cartilage.

Supraglottis, glottis, subglottis.

voice box

Vox populi Larynx, see there.

Voice box

The larynx.
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the sound produced by the voice organs of the vocal cords, the soft palate and the nasal cavities. In birds it is the syrinx that plays the major part in what passes for voice.

voice abnormalities
the normal voice patterns of barking, yelping, whining, whimpering, howling, baying, purring, meowing, bleating, mooing, bellowing, lowing, neighing, squealing, whinnying, whickering, nickering or grunting may be abnormal in that they are repeated ad nauseam, or are hoarse or altered in some other way. The myriad voices of birds and exotic species may be similarly affected. They may also be absent altogether so that the animal goes through the motions of making a call but no sound ensues.
voice box
see larynx.
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