vocal resonance

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1. the prolongation and intensification of sound produced by transmission of its vibrations to a cavity, especially such a sound elicited by percussion. Decrease of resonance is called dullness; its increase, flatness.
2. a vocal sound heard on auscultation.
amphoric resonance a sound resembling that produced by blowing over the mouth of an empty bottle.
nuclear magnetic resonance see nuclear magnetic resonance.
skodaic resonance increased percussion resonance at the upper part of the chest, with flatness below it; heard over a large pleural effusion or area of consolidation.
tympanic resonance tympanitic resonance (def. 2).
tympanitic resonance
1. the peculiar sound elicited by percussing a tympanitic abdomen.
2. the drumlike reverberation of a cavity full of air; called also tympanic resonance.
vocal resonance (VR) the sound of ordinary speech as heard through the chest wall.
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vo·cal res·o·nance (VR),

the voice sounds as heard on auscultation of the chest.
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vo·cal res·o·nance

(VR) (vō'kăl rez'ŏ-năns)
The voice sounds as heard on auscultation of the chest.
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vo·cal res·o·nance

(VR) (vō'kăl rez'ŏ-năns)
Voice sounds as heard on auscultation of the chest.
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Teacher #1 believes messa di voce (soft-loud-soft crescendo/decrescendo on a single pitch) is an important tool for coordinating the registers and for improving vocal resonance. He feels finding the right balance of registers is an issue with almost every singer.
Students must have a good sense of vocal resonance and strong breath control to produce appropriate curving lines.
Vocal resonance can be developed through a proper understanding of tone color (vocal timbre), so that uniformly excellent production of tones will result.
VOCAL RESONANCE CAN BE DEFINED in several different ways, and the definition used likely will depend on the intended audience.