vocal nodules

vo·cal nod·ules

(vō'kăl nod'yūlz)
Small, circumscribed, bilateral, beadlike enlargements on the vocal folds caused by overuse or abuse of the voice.
Synonym(s): singer's nodules, speaker's nodules.
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Vocal nodules were treated with voice therapy for 6 weeks.
The commonly encountered benign lesions of the larynx are vocal cord polyps, vocal nodules, tuberculosis of larynx, laryngocele, laryngeal web, epiglottic cysts, and subglottic hemangioma.
Vocal nodules are generally caused by vocal abuse, and conservative treatments such as voice therapy have been advocated as a first-choice treatment for vocal nodules.
Such cases are common, for example, after laser resection of vocal nodules.
My voice was left with its husky sound after surgery on large vocal nodules.
I've seen vocal nodules and polyps shrink down to almost nothing after a few IV glutathione treatments.
Conclusion: Carbon dioxide laser causes early improvement in quality of voice as compared to cold instruments in the treatment of vocal nodules.
Finite element modeling of vocal fold vibration in normal phonation and hyperfunctional dysphonia: Implications for the pathogenesis of vocal nodules.
I have vocal nodules and lose my voice all the time," she explains.
The most common disorders resulting from vocal abuse and misuse are laryngitis, vocal nodules, vocal polyps, and contact ulcers.
As your child gets older, speech therapy may also help with the vocal nodules, which can worsen if your child has a loud or strong style of speech.
The team see cases of vocal nodules as well as swellings and polyps in the vocal folds, but luckily surgery is rarely needed.