vocal folds

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vocal folds

The true vocal cords; the inferior pair of folds within the larynx; each contains a vocal ligament. They form the edges of the rima glottidis and are involved in the production of sound.
Synonym: vocal cords, true
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Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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Although otolaryngologists, voice therapists, and singing teachers for years have warned patients that whispering is more traumatic to the vocal folds than normal speech, no sizable series of patients had been examined fiberoptically to test this hypothesis.
His voice was dysphonic (1/3), breathy (1/3), and asthenic (2/3), and videolaryngostroboscopy revealed bilateral multiple vocal fold telangiectasias without visible hemorrhage or polyp (figure 1).
Despite current knowledge on the pathological features of vocal fold polyps, available information regarding the correlation between the size and type of vocal fold polyps in relation to voice acoustic features is very limited.
Etiology and time to presentation of unilateral vocal fold paralysis.
Figure 5 shows vocal folds displacement during intense breathing, which was measured by calculating the area of glottis for each experimental condition.
Vocal fold leukoplakia should be treated individually according to its benign or malignant possibility.
But because the vocal fold tissue is so specialized and difficult to replicate using other materials, Cohen says, the study is a step in "moving toward being able to help people where we don't have a good treatment."
We had to obtain the adequate size that the compliance space between the thyroid lamina and the TA muscle allowed for the redesigned implant stuffing and free vocal fold medialization.
Koalas have bypassed that constraint by putting those vocal folds in a new location.
If you still think you can't carry a tune, then as the cast of Glee would tell you, "don't stop believin'." Other voice-improving strategies include keeping the vocal folds hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding moisture-sapping substances such as caffeine or nicotine.
Edema of the true vocal folds was diagnosed in 11 (5.1%) children, varying severity swelling of the overfold space of larynx was in 14 (6.5%) patients.
The principal symptoms of unilateral vocal fold paralysis are hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing.