vocal fold nodules

vo·cal fold nod·ules

small, circumscribed, bilateral, beadlike enlargements on the free edge of the vocal folds at the junction of the anterior one third and the posterior two thirds caused by misuse or abuse of the voice; often reversible by voice therapy.
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Specialists will work closely with performers to develop treatment plans, and EPAM clinicians will treat a range of conditions affecting performance, including chronic overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and vocal fold nodules.
It can teach patients to avoid the kind of voice misuse and abuse that can cause vocal fold nodules, cysts, or polyps.
For example, it is generally agreed that vocal fold nodules are more common in children and adult females.
Update on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of vocal fold nodules, polyps, and cysts.
Update on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of vocal fold nodules, polyps, and cysts.
"It has a tremendous positive effect in people with vocal fatigue, vocal fold nodules, and polyps.
About 1.5% of the overall population suffers from hoarseness; among the most common causes of hoarseness are vocal fold nodules and polyps.
Behavioral characteristics of children with vocal fold nodules. Journal of Voice.
A review of 1156 patients found that the most common population to experience vocal fold nodules were boys and middle aged women (Nagata, Kurita, Yasumoto, Maeda, Kawasaki, & Hirano, 1983).
Vocal fold nodules are callous-like masses; cysts are blister-like masses; and polyps are jelly-like masses that form on the vocal folds as a result of chronic overuse, loud crying, yelling, screaming, or excessively loud talking.
Yet, extended unloading of the larynx is recommended for superficial lesions such as vocal fold nodules to allow for repair of the epithelium with little thought given to muscle function implications.
Update on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of vocal fold nodules, polyps and cysts.