vocal cords

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pertaining to the voice.
vocal cords the thin, reedlike folds of mucous membrane in the larynx; the superior pair are called the false vocal cords and the inferior pair are called the true vocal cords. (See also Plates.) They vibrate to make vocal sounds during speaking, and are capable of producing a vast range of sounds. Each cord has one end attached to the front wall of the larynx, close to that of the other cord. The opposite ends are connected to two tiny cartilages near the back wall of the larynx. The cartilages can be rotated so as to swing the cords far apart or bring them together. When they are apart, the breath passes through silently, unobstructed; when they are closer together, they partly obstruct the air passage, and as the air is forced through them they vibrate like the reeds of a pipe organ and produce sound waves. These waves are what we call the voice. See also speech.
Vocal cords.

vocal cords

Either of two pairs of bands or folds of mucous membrane in the throat that project into the larynx. The lower pair vibrate when air passing up from the lungs causes them to draw together, thereby producing vocal sounds. The upper, thicker pair are not involved in voice production.


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Neurologic Psychological, sleep disturbances
Pelvic floor Uterovaginal prolapse
Skeleton  Osteoporosis, fractures, low back pain
Vagina Bloody discharge, dyspareunia, vaginitis
Vocal cords Deepened voice
Vulva  Atrophy, dystrophy, pruritus

vocal cords

A pair of pearly-white shelves of thin mucous membrane stretched across the interior of the LARYNX and capable of being tensioned to a widely varying degree by small laryngeal muscles. The vocal cords are caused to vibrate by the outwards passage of air from the lungs and the sound so produced is modulated by changes in the shape and volume of the mouth cavity to produce speech and song.


pertaining to the voice.

vocal cord acute bilateral paralysis
manifestation of organophosphate poisoning in foals characterized by irreversible severe inspiratory dyspnea and stridor.
vocal cord paralysis
due to paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, e.g. in rabies. See also laryngeal hemiplegia.
vocal cord resection
vocal cordectomy
vocal cords
the folds of mucous membrane in the larynx, the superior pair being called the false, and the inferior pair the true, vocal cords. These thin, reedlike bands vibrate to make vocal sounds and are capable of producing a vast range of sounds.
false vocal cords
ventricular bands.

Patient discussion about vocal cords

Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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Conclusion: Vocal cord paralysis is a common clinical condition with substantial morbidity.
In this report, we have described familial congenital bilateral vocal cord paresis with spontaneous recovery during infancy in an Omani family.
The results of subjective, aerodynamic analysis, and analysis of spontaneous speech showed that there was a statistically significant difference in the voice and speech quality between the healthy control group and patients with bilateral vocal cord paralysis.
To our best knowledge, this is the first case presenting with isolated vocal cord paralysis as initial manifestation of severe MPO-ANCA positive systemic vasculitis.
Bothell, WA, USA) was introduced to guide the placement of the endotracheal tube, so that the point P (2 cm above the cuff of the tube) on the tube was at the level of the vocal cords.
There were 22 cases (44%) of polypoid lesions, 16 cases (32%) of vocal nodules, single case (2%) of true cyst of vocal cord, 3 cases (6%) of Reinke's edema, 4 cases of cysts, and a single case each of posttraumatic granuloma, laryngopyocele, papilloma, hemangioma, and laryngeal sporidiosis.
Vocal cord granulomas were seen in 3 males and 2 females.
Helping your vocal cords cope with the dry internal conditions of winter, together with the variety of viruses that can impair vocal cords, should see many people through the coming months.
Once the FFB and vocal cords were visualized, FFB was advanced into the trachea, followed by the nasotracheal tube.
It may be triggered when the vocal cords or the area of the trachea below the cords detects the entry of water, mucus, blood, or other invasive substances.
Because of the pace of his job and the long hours that he often works, the manager said he has been unable to follow his doctors' directions on how to best care for his vocal cords so they can properly heal.
Damage to their vocal cords, however, is one physical problem that no singer can overcome.