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, pl.


(vī-var'ē-ŭm, -ă),
Quarters in which animals are housed, particularly animals used in medical research.
[L. vivarius, pertaining to living creatures]
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By retaining a commissioning firm and personnel with extensive familiarity with the specialized type of building (the processes unique to vivarium occupancy as well as the conventional HVAC equipment), and this building specifically (including some of the users and operating staff), the project set itself up for success.
To address this gap, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) conducted a major research study on the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions of 300 lab areas and vivariums that are using dynamic control of air change rates.
Vium's Digital Vivarium enables collection of massive amounts of data from animal subjects with an automated, low-touch approach.
Current assay used 144 monogamous rats paired from the Wistar Hannover line (Rattus norvegicus) and kept at the Central Vivarium of the Federal University of Sao Joao del Rei, which operates under conventional conditions but without strict sanitary barriers.
Creative director at Kirk & Kirk, Ms Kirk, told OT: "The Vivarium collection offers strong, easy to wear shapes with an unexpected twist, which is always part of our brief when creating a new collection.
Through a joint partnership with inviCRO, and 3D Imaging, the new imaging center will combine molecular imaging, autoradiography, and animal modeling with the onsite cyclotron, vivarium, and advanced image analytics.
Pixi sleeps in a specially adapted home called a vivarium, which has a heat mat, an igloo and a hamster wheel but in the day she's free to roam with the other pets in the living room.
Animals of different species and strains, estimated standard age 8-10 weeks, from the Vivarium Center of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo, were used, following references by the Federation of European Animal Science Association (FELASA).
The band fluctuated between their two albums throughout the night, performing various songs from their first album, the lesser known Vivarium, released in 2009 - a brave move as the tracks may not have gotten much of a reaction from their newer fans.
The Class A asset includes 128,000 s/f of laboratory space, a 60,000-s/f vivarium, and 70,000 s/f of office space.
By definition, a vivarium is a place where animals or plants are kept for study.
He added: "A setup for a tarantula would be an appropriately sized vivarium, a source of heat and the correct humidity.