vitreous cell

vit·re·ous cell

a cell occurring in the peripheral part of the vitreous body that may be responsible for production of hyaluronic acid and possibly of collagen.
Synonym(s): hyalocyte
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Ophthalmic examination of PVRL typically reveals mild anterior chamber cells and more prominent vitreous cells with floating clumps.
The Standardization of Uveitis Nomenclature criteria were used in the evaluation of anterior chamber and vitreous cells.
Superficial infiltrates appearing as soft exudates lacking vitreous cells were observed on the retinal surface in 4 patients and on the optic disc in 1 patient in our series.
Clinical assessment shows telangiectatic vessels, 'light-bulb' aneurysms, capillary dropout, massive retinal exudation, vitreous cells and scarring (Figure 3).
A dilated fundus exam revealed vitreous cells and optic nerve swelling, OU, with associated peripapillary hemorrhages (Figures 1 and 2).
However, the presence of bilateral vitreous cells raised the possibility of influenza retinopathy (7).
On slit-lamp examination, there was mild anterior chamber reaction and 2+ vitreous cells in both eyes.
In the presence of vitreous cells (seen on slit lamp biomicroscopy immediately behind the lens), this series of symptoms should raise the possibility of a diagnosis of a posterior uveitis (such as Birdshot Chorioretinopathy).
The presence of vitreous cells should prompt urgent referral to an ophthalmologist and this is a key finding that will help distinguish between PVD, which is very common, and posterior uveitis, which is rare.
Although the severity of vitreous cells and opacity could not be evaluated in some of the involved eyes due to cataract, inflammatory cell reaction between (1 +) and (3 +) in the vitreous was observed in 120 eyes (70.
b) Anterior vitreous cells can be found in PVD but not in BCR
Findings at presentation included small round white keratic precipitates (KP), anterior chamber reaction, various degrees of vitreous cells, heterochromia and iris nodules.