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vitiate (vish´ēāt),

v to weaken; to make void or voidable.
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It is such gross, vitiating contradictions that reveal the origin of biblicism to be essentially nontheological.
Second, publication of these agreements would significantly impair taxpayer rights, vitiating both section 6103 and the common law right of privacy, while providing precious little useful guidance to the public.
As a result, the Court found that the owner's brief retention of two rent checks following the expiration of the tenant's lease had not had the effect of vitiating the owner's prior non-primary residence eviction notices.
These baseless allegations are aimed at vitiating the environment, deflecting attention from troubles in Kashmir and demonising Pakistan Army,' he added.
ISPR said the Pakistani commander expressed hope that prudence would be exercised across the divide and no steps taken that may affect peace along the LoC and lead to vitiating of the environment.
Those who have been accused to vitiating the atmosphere included former block pramukh Zille Haider, Kanwar Jamshed, Mohammad Israr, Mohammad Mehdi and Mohammad Farman on the one side and Yogendra Singh, Randhir Singh, Jaiveer Singh and Prem Singh on the other side.