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vitiate (vish´ēāt),

v to weaken; to make void or voidable.
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attempted to vote for more candidates for one of the offices than was permissible did not vitiate a vote properly indicated for a candidate for another office.
Fine sentiments, but do they vitiate the raw honesty of the psalm?
Whatever a "real contradiction" might be, "apparent contradictions" are quite sufficient to vitiate a doctrine of biblical authority that is based on the supposedly apparent reading of the text.
Four engaged couples attend a Christian premarital boot camp in an amusing, occasionally tender indie with production values so amateurishly low that they virtually vitiate the film's commercial possibilities.
Especially during the past decade, Anderson notes, most Arab regimes have opted to repress all varieties of Islamist opposition rather than attempt to vitiate that opposition by including in public policy formulation those Islamist moderates willing to trade in the political souq.
But these qualifications do not vitiate the core of his argument.
The official was told that the terrorist activities allegedly sponsored by India's Research and Analysis Wing would ''further vitiate the atmosphere in tension-ridden South Asia and have grave implications for Pakistan-India relations,'' the statement said.
That Flynt won his Supreme Court appeal in the Falwell suit is a good thing indeed, though the fact that the decision in his favor was unanimous, and that it was written by Chief Justice William Rehnquist - about whom the left has little good to say - would seem to vitiate the Nazi parallel.
Hadley objected to the changes in a June 10 memo, saying they would "significantly vitiate the findings of the draft report.
Macaulay's prose style, much admired in its day, is somewhat pontifical and monotonous; similar qualities vitiate his poems.
Sayeed's party, the PDP, and described such incidents as a move to vitiate the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the state.