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An egg yolk precursor protein; production is stimulated by estrogens.
[L. vitellus, egg yolk, + -gen + -in]
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Calculated responses of (A) plasma estradiol levels and (B) plasma vitellogenin levels in fathead minnow exposed for 8 days (192 h) to fadrozole followed by 8 days of recovery; black line, control; blue line, 30 [micro]g/l fadrozole; red line, 30 [micro]g/l fadrozole.
Use of vitellogenin as biomarker indicator in sex identification of giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus).
Scudiero, "Estrogen-dependent, extrahepatic synthesis of vitellogenin in male vertebrates: a mini-review," Comptes Rendus Biologies, vol.
CYP11a, cytochrome P450 11a (cholesterol sidechange cleavage protein); CYP17, cytochrome P450 17 (e.g., 17[alpha]-hydroxylase); E2, 17[beta]-estradiol; EOGRTS, extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study; FSTRA, fish short-term reproductive assay; MEOGRT, Medaka extended one- generation reproductive test; StAR, steroidogenic acute regulatory protein; VO, vaginal opening; VTG, vitellogenin.
Endpoints in these papers, such as vitellogenin induction, appear to be sensitive to low doses of TCC.
Effects of insulin and 20E on vitellogenin and vitellin amounts: In controls pupae, the vitellogenins show a pic at day 5 of the pupal stage (p = 0.0002); then, the vitellogenins values decrease on the eve of the adult emergence (p = 0.02).
Vitellogenin from these sea stars contains characteristic Vtg sequences, protein domains, and shared features, such as multiple furin/subtilisin cleavage sites for processing.
The egg yolk precursor protein vitellogenin (VTG) has proven to be a useful biomarker that can be used to identify organisms that have been exposed to environmental estrogens.
[13.] Stromqvist M, Tooke N, Brunstrom B (2010) DNA methylation levels in the 5'flanking region of the vitellogenin I gene in liver and brain of adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)--Sex and tissue differences and effects of 17a-ethinylestradiol exposure.
the presence of proteins associated with the metabolic pathways/products (i.e., yolk protein-1 (Yp-1), vitellogenin, cytochrome p450 and lipase-3) in the spermathecae of fertilized queens could be an indication of their participation in energy metabolism that may be required to produce energy as needed in this organ after fertilization.
Endocrine control of vitellogenin synthesis and vitellogenesis in Triatoma protracta.
The induction of vitellogenin (VTG), a precursor yolk protein, in response to estrogens by an ER-mediated pathway is well documented in several oviparous (egglaying) fish species (Ryffel, 1978).