vitelline artery

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vi·tel·line ar·ter·y

an artery carrying blood to the yolk sac from the embryo.
Synonym(s): arteria vitellina
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In a persistent vitelline artery, the blood supply for caudal development of the fetus is directed to the placenta, causing caudal blastodermal hypoperfusion.
Direct extension along the ligaments of embryonic origin have been described including the round ligament of the liver, the urachus, the vittelointestinal duct remnant, and the obliterated vitelline artery. (1) These ligaments communicate with the umbilicus and contain remnants of the obliterated fetal structures.
Another pathognomonic finding is the presence of single umbilical, persistent vitelline artery which is the chief distinguishing anatomic finding from Caudal Regression Syndrome.