vitelline artery

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vi·tel·line ar·ter·y

an artery carrying blood to the yolk sac from the embryo.
Synonym(s): arteria vitellina

vitelline artery

[vitel′in, -ēn]
Etymology: L, vitellus + Gk, arteria, airpipe
any of the embryonic arteries that circulate blood from the primitive aorta of the early developing embryo to the yolk sac. Also called omphalomesenteric artery.


a vessel through which the blood passes away from the heart to the various parts of the body. The wall of an artery consists typically of an outer coat (tunica adventitia), a middle coat (tunica media), and an inner coat (tunica intima). For named arteries of the body, see Table 9. See also arterial.

collateral artery
see collateral vessel. Horses have collateral radial and ulnar arteries (Table 9).
end artery
one that undergoes progressive branching without development of channels connecting with other arteries.
vitelline artery
artery to the yolk sac or the ovum of the hen egg.