vitamin H

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The d-isomer component of the vitamin B2 complex occurring in or required by most organisms and inactivated by avidin; participates in biologic carboxylations. It is a small molecule with a high affinity for avidin that can be readily coupled to a previously labeled antibody to allow visualization by enzymatic or histochemical means.
See also: avidin.

vitamin H



A water-soluble B vitamin.

Biotin is the d-isomer of vitamin-B2 complex, which is a prosthetic group for carboxylase enzymes and important in fatty acid biosynthesis and catabolism. It is present in and essential for most animals, as it participates in carboxylation; daily requirements are in the mg range; biotin deficiency is rare.
Lab medicine
Biotin is widely used as a covalent label for macromolecules which are detected by high-affinity binding of labelled avidin or streptavidin.

Molecular biology
Biotin can be incorporated into dUTP and used as a non-radioactive label for a DNA probe. It is used to label nucleic acids and proteins that may be subsequently detected by avidin or streptavidin linked to a fluorescent or enzymatic reporter molecule.

'vitamin H'

Emergency medicine A popular term for haloperidol, which may be injected in a Pt undergoing acute psychiatric decompensation

vitamin H