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To endow with vital force.
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While the Type 1 group considers important the fair competition and equity of asymmetric regulation between existing similar business operators and smart TV, Type 2 group has high expectation about the synergy effect that the appearance of smart TV would produce a new business model from the changing value chain of media industry and traditional broadcasting service and bringing vitalization to market competition.
Red Hat cooperates with Jboss in product promotion and vitalization technology promotion.
Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Kunio Hatoyama released the plan, a centerpiece of his regional vitalization package, at a news conference.
A stunning, powerful phrase, intense vitalization, one that makes me think of God breathing life into dust, or (to take an unholy example) of Dr.
It's part of a neighbourhood vitalization project, started by the neighbours here who want to see the character of the neighbourhood change," Van Rosendaal says.
Vitalization Act, directed establishment of the Office of
the next morning chiefly to attract businesspeople for regional economic vitalization.
The creditors have been pushing Daiei to place itself under the supervision of the Industrial Re vitalization Corp.
Drawing from Lewis's and Weintraub's (1976) concept of "transitive vitalization," Atkins observed that the mother can facilitate the emotional presence of the father even when he is physically absent.
The "paternalistic era" stretched from 1921 to 1965--from the beginnings of the commissioner system to the vitalization of the Players Association.
A ''neighborhood gossip'' site on the Internet launched by people of Tottori Prefecture, the least populated in Japan, is providing a forum for new ideas for regional vitalization.