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Pertaining to vitalism.
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In addition, not all theorists of Dada and Surrealism interpret those movements in terms of vitalistic impulses and occult realms, although a hermetic tradition in Surrealism is certainly one of those interpretations.
As with the vitalistic conceptions of the late nineteenth century, emotion and knowledge are invested.
epigenesis (mechanical or vitalistic self-organization).
Lucian walks over this degenerate and arrives at the center of the fortress only to have another encounter, one that indicates there is more to life than base materiality and that we will see suggests a vitalistic metaphysical paradigm of life.
They formulated their opposition to philosophical abstractions in terms of a "philosophy of life" or hermeneutic philosophy and suggested to change the philosophical grammar in order to attune it to the needs of more "vitalistic" conceptions.
(63) Thus, a kind of ebbing of vitalistic forces gave rise to the fantasy of going native, the atavism that haunts the pages of so many fantastic tales.
'Deep ecology carried forward many of the essentialistic, vitalistic, and organismic traditions of the idealist side of the ecological debate', say Foster et al.
The organization hosts seminars regularly throughout the world, which are taught from the vitalistic perspective, with great emphasis placed on clinical, hands on application.
Children were asked about the consequences of the destruction of a forest and showed that they were responding because of their vitalistic knowing, defined by the authors as an awareness about what living means and what living beings need in terms of food and shelter.
The theological interpretation of these tendencies in no way impinges on their scientific description in the way it would if a vitalistic understanding were adopted.
The mobile, vitalistic and material force of thought-perception in Deleuze tends to be blunted or obscured within a reading that valorises the logic of shame as an ur-event.
What is central for Miller is his attitude towards life, his vitalistic conception of life and literature, which remains consistent throughout Tropic of Cancer and indeed most of his work.