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Pertaining to vitalism.
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His incomplete story is thus a failure only in the trivial sense that he is obliged to leave his readers with a multi-pronged challenge: to produce for themselves a vitalistic metaphysical imaginary that can bring under one roof, so to speak, a plethora of bold conjectures involving the relationships that link the tropes of habits, memories, and power in living human organisms.
The organization hosts seminars regularly throughout the world, which are taught from the vitalistic perspective, with great emphasis placed on clinical, hands on application.
Children were asked about the consequences of the destruction of a forest and showed that they were responding because of their vitalistic knowing, defined by the authors as an awareness about what living means and what living beings need in terms of food and shelter.
The reason this is so significant is that the image of 'Black-Bile' has long since ceased to evoke much meaning in the Western imagination, whereas the concept of air or wind quickly calls to mind a great many associations to anyone familiar with vitalistic modes of thought.
The theological interpretation of these tendencies in no way impinges on their scientific description in the way it would if a vitalistic understanding were adopted.
The mobile, vitalistic and material force of thought-perception in Deleuze tends to be blunted or obscured within a reading that valorises the logic of shame as an ur-event.
What is central for Miller is his attitude towards life, his vitalistic conception of life and literature, which remains consistent throughout Tropic of Cancer and indeed most of his work.
The communication is represented by Bataille in vitalistic and organic terms: as transfer of the magnetic stream into the social body, as formation of some kind of collective unconsciousness that is unreceptive to calculation and premeditation" (Khejmone 1994: 206).
He was presenting his system theory as an alternative to the mechanistic and vitalistic explanations of development.
Ruth Hedrick, certified in vitalistic herbology and whole-food nutrition, will teach the "History of Healing" from 2 p.
17) Among the heterodox dissenters during this period were those attracted to various pantheistic and vitalistic conceptions of the material world as somehow intelligent and self-organizing, an ideology that fitted a republican outlook.
In addition to Davy's scientific influence, Coleridge provided a theological and poetic foundation for Mary Shelley's theistic and vitalistic worldview.