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To endow with vital force.
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Experts believe that vitalisation of air traffic in Tunisian airports depends on the progress of tourist trade.
Masood Ahmed stressed IMF's interest in developments of the situation in Tunisia, and in boosting of co-operation relations and mobilising the skills that the country needs at this period of economic vitalisation.
Ben Jaafar also reviewed, during the meeting, several issues related to ways to boost the Tunisian-Italian relations, particularly at the economic and social levels as regards employment, emigration, regional balance and vitalisation of tourist market.
This forum constitutes a space for dialogue amongst the Tunisian youths to express their expectations at this transitional stage of the country's history, with the main focus on employment, in addition to the vitalisation of youths' role in public life and building up a rich and democratic civil society," said Mr.
He said, in this context, that regional development and vitalisation of the economy are likely to establish a social climate marked by stability and balance, ensure domestic security and limit the phenomenon of illegal migration which represents a "priority security problem.
Works of this first training session focused on the development of knowledge of participants on command of strategic planning mechanisms in the areas of training and vitalisation of investment in the tourism sector.
Vitalisation of co-operation and partnership between Tunisia and U.
In the economic area, PUP advocates fair distribution of national wealth, achievement of regional balance, increase in the national capital and vitalisation of the public sector.