vital force

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The theory that animal functions are dependent upon a special form of energy or force, the vital force, distinct from the physical forces.
Synonym(s): vis vitae, vis vitalis
[L. vitalis, pertaining to life]

vital force

The organising energy that is responsible for one’s health. Vital force is analogous to chi (qi) of Chinese medicine and prana in ayurvedic medicine, but philosophically differs regarding disease management: whereas Chinese and ayurvedic medicine aim to reverse the forces that result in disharmony, homeopathy regards the vital force as powerful enough to allow the body to shake off the symptoms and pathogenic influences itself.

vital force,

n the bioenergetic aspect of living things. Some assert that qi, acupuncture, and homeopathic remedies work on this level instead of at the gross physical level.
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To apply a yin/feminine approach to herbal medicine would be to listen to the patient's complaint deeply and thoroughly to find what specific action of a plant is needed, which specific organ and function is related most to the root cause of the complaint, and how the vital force of the patient relates to the strength of the plant's action.
No vital force," Schweitzer continued, "comes into the [Jesus] figure unless a man breathes into it all the hate or the love of which he is capable.
Several Eastern European countries will soon receive a boost from their entry into the European Union; China and other Asian countries are bringing new nonwovens lines onstream regularly and South America has become a vital force in many markets for nonwovens.
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and company never lacked energy or enthusiasm, but like the Who and other once-groundbreaking bands from the rock era, the Rolling Stones simply are no longer the vital force they once were.
There was no point in trying to make quinine in the laboratory because the vital force that gave this substance its properties could only be infused into it by the living cinchona tree.
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Religion continued to be a vital force within Renaissance society, although one different than what it had been during the Middle Ages.
Landry's attempts to "offer change, when all the other lemmings are running off the cliff" have earned him the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Community Service Award for being a vital force in American gay theater.
Teachers will be a vital force in implementing these changes and they will need to be motivated and enabled to take an active role.
Throughout history the family has changed and adapted to meet new conditions, and the AHA believes the family--in its various forms--will continue to be a creative, vital force that can meet the challenges of the future as it has met the demands of the past.
Gordon Cull, Neighbourhood Watch representative and member of the St Nicolas group, said: "Neighbourhood Watch can be a vital force in the community.
it is a vital force that takes me to the peak of my powers and there opens me to myself and to the world and to others.