visual-motor control

vis·u·al-mo·tor con·trol

(vizh'ū-ăl-mō'tŏr kŏn-trōl')
Use of visual information to perform smooth, coordinated, and precise movements.
Synonym(s): eye-hand coordination, visual motor coordination.
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Four of the eight subtests assess gross motor skills (Running Speed and Agility, Balance, Bilateral Coordination, and Strength); one subtest assesses gross and fine motor skills (Upper-limb coordination); three subtests assess fine motor skills (Response, Speed, Visual-motor Control, and Upper-limb Speed and Dexterity) [21].
Relationship between writing skills and visual-motor control in low-vision students.
The researchers excluded any child who lacked the cognitive capacity to attempt the ABSS activities (diagnosed moderate to severe intellectual disability), or who had such severe muscular-skeletal impairments that they were unable to engage physically in the required ABSS visual-motor control activities as identified by the researcher.
The program included training balance, coordination on both sides of the body, leg strength, upper limb coordination, and visual-motor control. The treatment was the same for both groups, except the program was applied by a physiotherapist to the training group and by parents to the home training group.
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