visual-motor control

vis·u·al-mo·tor con·trol

(vizh'ū-ăl-mō'tŏr kŏn-trōl')
Use of visual information to perform smooth, coordinated, and precise movements.
Synonym(s): eye-hand coordination, visual motor coordination.
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Relationship between writing skills and visual-motor control in low-vision students.
The researchers excluded any child who lacked the cognitive capacity to attempt the ABSS activities (diagnosed moderate to severe intellectual disability), or who had such severe muscular-skeletal impairments that they were unable to engage physically in the required ABSS visual-motor control activities as identified by the researcher.
The results of this low methodological quality study showed that after the training program, the motor skill scores were higher in both groups, except for visual-motor control in the home training group.
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