visual training

vision therapy

A clinical approach for correcting and ameliorating the effects of eye movement disorders, non-strabismic binocular dysfunctions, focusing disorders, strabismus, amblyopia, nystagmus and certain visual perceptual (information processing) disorders.

Alternative ophthalmology
A vision-enhancing method developed in the 1920s by an American optometrist, AM Skeffington. Vision therapy uses eye exercises and other techniques to retrain the eyes to function as a unit, and co-ordinate the brain’s processing of visual information needed for binocular vision; it is allegedly useful for lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), problems of focusing (vergence and accommodation), oculomotor defects, learning disabilities, athletic performance and traumatic brain injury. While vision therapy may be of use in developing stereoscopic skills and improving visual field remnants after brain damage, there is no clear scientific evidence supporting the use of eye exercises to improve vision.
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training, visual 

Methods aimed at improving visual abilities, e.g. visual perception, spatial localization, heterophoria, hand/eye coordination, etc. to achieve optimal visual performance and comfort. These techniques represent an enlargement of the practice of orthoptics. Syn. vision therapy.
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The use of visual training with a simultaneous use of soft lenses in subjects with myopia is another nonpharmacological therapy of myopia in young adults.
Each pair of sequences was assigned to one of the three training conditions: physical training, visual training, and no experience/untrained (Figure 1).
I would refer them to different programs for auditory processing, visual training, or sensory integration.
ANGE's team of six involved in the visual training programme have been drawn from the ranks of the group's own experienced foremen and chargehands, and integrate their own personal experience of what happens on site with elements of slapstick humour to provide a relatable performance for the audience.
The experimental group practices the visual training program for eight weeks, three times weekly.
The training programme inspires a fun yet focussed learning environment for young children, utilising visual training aids that nurture a photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities.
Held in March, it was one of four focus groups the DOT will be conducting to generate interactive and visual training modules for airline and airport employees and contractors.
"It may be possible that the vast amount of visual training frequent gamers receive over the years could help contribute to honing consolidation mechanisms in the brain, especially for visually developed skills," the researchers wrote.
Active in-store training on-the-job with a supervisor supported by visual training aids is the best way to instruct store associates in the fundamentals of food/menu preparation and program adherence.
Furthermore, Experiment 1 uses visual training to establish equivalence classes of numerals and their printed names rather than the auditory--visual training used by Mackay et al.