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1. Relating to vision.
See also: internal representation.
2. Denoting a person who learns and remembers more readily through sight than through hearing.
See also: internal representation.
[Late L. visualis, fr. visus, vision]
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1. Relating to vision.
2. Denoting a person who learns and remembers more readily through sight than through hearing.
[Late L. visualis, fr. visus, vision]
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Relating to vision.
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Q. Can visual aura alone be migraine? I'm 21 years old girl, and for the last six years, about once a week, when I wake up from night sleep all I see in my left eye is a very bright light. After some time my vision returns. In the last few weeks it became more frequent and also starts to happen in the other eye. I consulted my doctor and she told me it's not an important thing, and that it's probably a specific type of migraine. However, I don't have any pain at all. Does anyone else have this? Is it possible for migraine to occur only with aura, without any pain?

A. Hi,

I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Whatever your doctor told you, you should know that if it bothers you, it IS an "important thing". I also suffer from similiar thing (only visual disturbances after I wake up, without any pain), and when my doctor prescribed me meds they went away. You should consult your doctor again and ask him for a solution for this thing.

Q. What are the visual distinctions between thermal burns and frostbite? Is it possible to definitively distinguish the two from each other in all cases, or do they present identically in many cases? In other words, are frostbite injuries-for all intents and purposes, actual burns and if they are not, in what ways do they differ?

A. Early frostbite and minor burns may resemble one another visually (by whitened, blanched looking skin, and blister formation). However, last stage frostbite and thermal (heat) burns are very different.
In late stage frostbite, the ice crystals in the cells melt and the ruptured cells pour out their contents, then blisters may form. Since the affected area has basically lost circulation, gangrene sets in rather quickly and the tissue turns black and dry.
Deep (full thickness) heat related burns are surrounded by areas of erythema (reddened skin) and skin with less degrees of burning. Also, eschar is obviously charred skin tissue forming a scab like structure, and looks nothing like gangrene. The wound bed in a burn leaks plasma constantly. Blistering is pretty immediate with heat related burns of a sufficient degree.

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It started with organisms developing a simple visual system that culminated in complex cognitive activity of visual thinking.
In a long-standing debate, neuroscientists have argued the degree to which these two parts of the visual system function separately.
The visual system has been shown to change quickly sensitivity to stimuli that are continuously presented: after staring at a red spot continuously, a white wall will appear to have a greenish spot; after seeing a texture moving up continuously, a stationary wall will appear to move down.
Shingo's statement drives the use of visual systems at Celestica--an important tool within our Lean enterprise.
In this case, your ambient visual system has detected movement from an object at a different rate than assumed by the brain.
Depending on visual system training requirements, SimuSphere can be configured with three, five, seven or nine facets to meet a customer's desired visual system field-of-view, said Schaefer.
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S(R))(Nasdaq:ESCC), Salt Lake City, has been selected by Thai Airways (TG) to supply a visual system for the upgrade of TG's A300-600 full flight simulator.
The computational speed of this processor translates to the latency in image updates in the visual system of the training platform.
Aging and the visual system. The visual system is of most importance in the control of balance, especially in the aged.
That is, they give us means to define and communicate relative color specifications, but these methods do not mirror the human visual system. For example, software that utilizes colorimetric formulations treats green and red color space as equal, when in fact most humans can detect far more nuances in green than in red, so green actually occupies more "space" in our visual system.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Neuroscientists generally think of the front end of the human visual system as a simple light detection system: The patterns produced when light falls on the retina are relayed to the visual cortex at the rear of the brain, where all of the "magic" happens that transforms these patterns into the three-dimensional world view that we perceive with our mind's eye.

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