visual sensation

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sensation, visual 

A sensation produced by the sense of sight.
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As Bulwer's epithet the "Staring Nation" implies, the London world of shows also seemed especially to draw upon the pornographic power of visual sensation in this larger sense of a powerful, nonreflective immediacy, a trait that Jameson's characterization of film also cites.
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The cause is thought to be a mismatch between visual sensation and balance, but you can feel sick when your are not moving, for example when using video games.
COLOR The visual sensation dependent on the reflection or absorption of light from a given surface.
For Wohl, the evidence emphatically points to a period concern for ornament and surface decoration -- for visual sensation -- rather than an assumed preoccupation with scientific and spatial rendition.
Thi denial (Babinski's Syndrome) was first thought to pertain only to denial of physical movement or visual sensation (Babinski, 1918, Nathanson, Bergman & Gordon, 1952), but the concept of anosognosia was later extended to neglect of left-sided complex sensorimotor praxia (Hecaen, Penfield, Bertland, & Malmo, 1956) and to unawareness of disabilities and of other stressful experiences (Weinstein & Kahn, 1955).
Typical symptoms include a pounding headache; lowered pain threshold; hypersensitivity to mild stimuli including sound and touch; and aura, which Ptacek describes as "a visual sensation that presages the headache to come.
Perspective is incapable of presenting to the mind through visual sensation an adequate account of either thought or extension.