visual projection

vis·u·al pro·jec·tion

a perceptual synthesis involving visual mechanisms.
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Inspired by Mike's regular Joe's Speakeasy reminiscence events, take a seat, have a drink and prepare to meet 11 (extra)ordinary men and women through songs, visual projection and a narrative featuring "Voice of Big Brother" Marcus Bentley.
The dance group displayed some amazing choreography along with a foot-tapping electronic music against fast moving visual projection, creating a perfect unity of dance form and dazzling performance.
Washington, August 16 ( ANI ): A new research has said that a visual projection of human heartbeats can be used to generate an 'out-of-body experience.'
Iola Ynyr directs the visual projection show, which also stars Dyfrig Evans.
Yet these bathers occupy the communal space they inhabit, in contrast to that visual projection of a single female.
Architect Francine Houben looks at a visual projection of the new Library of Birmingham, and (above right) the construction site in Centenary Square as it looks now
Visual Impact scores for both Revlon (96.30) and Maybelline (91.80) were in the powerful segment, with a real breakout for Revlon--an exciting visual projection of action, product and romance benefit, and shade selection.
All this set against every clich in the crowd-pleasing manual: pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, water guns, flame-throwers, T-shirt mortars, hand-held spotlights, stunning visual projection and any number of fans up onstage.
A sophisticated blend between the forms of Chinese tradition and the new spirit of the city, it represents the contemporary visual projection of the vibrant Chinese growth.
By eliminating the need for setup, administration, and management at branches and remote sites, the system can help reduce visual projection and complexity associated with previous generations of this technology.
One in a series of low-cost simulators produced by this Finnish company, the IFT features a large-screen visual projection for which the trainees use binoculars, simulated rangefinders and a terminal for sending fire commands.
Washington, August 15 ( ANI ): A new research has said that a visual projection of human heartbeats can be used to generate an 'out-of-body experience.'