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1. The faculty of sight; vision.
2. Range of vision; view.



Patient discussion about eyesight

Q. Does eyesight always decrease with age? I am 45 years old and never had glasses. All my friends are starting to wear reading glasses. Should I expect this too?

A. This is what usually happens; your eyesight deteriorates as you get older. Here is a link to a few things you can do in order to protect your eyesight:

Q. Should I have eye laser surgery? I am 17 and have been wearing glasses since I was a kid. I was thinking of having an eye laser surgery in order to fix my eyesight. What are the risks?

A. i had the surgery done almost a year and a half ago, i love it,the risk is minamal,do it,u won"t regret it,i now have 20/15 vision, and i was blind as a bat before,20/15 is over perfect vision!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The purpose of this study was to describe and compare visual perceptual and school related motor-based functional skills that are affected by visual perception in children with hemiplegic CP and age matched control children.
There are three main hypothesis regarding this subject: a) There is an anatomical separation between the visual cortical areas serving visual imagery and those serving visual perception; b) The areas used for visual imagery are a subset of those engaged in perception; 3) The areas subserving visual perception and imagery are the same (Roland, & Gulyas, 1994).
Researchers in architecture, landscape design, geography, and environmental sciences show how combining landscape research and planning, visual perception, and geographic information science can help clarify such themes as landscape openness, cluttering of the rural landscape, high-rise buildings in relation to cityscape, historical landscapes, and motorway panoramas.
One camp of neuroscientists believes that we access both the phonology and the visual perception of a word as we read them and that the area or areas of the brain that do one, also do the other, but our study proves this isn't the case," explained the study's lead investigator, Laurie Glezer, Ph.
The papers that emerged from that gathering discuss such aspects as using brain imaging to guide the development of a cognitive architecture, the modeling and control of visual perception, modeling emotions, the minimal control principle, and constraints on asymptotic performance.
These activities are aimed at addressing visual perception, auditory processing, attention, and eye-hand coordination, which have been identified as important factors for learning.
But Perramant is not concerned only with light, with the limits of visual perception and its interplay with mental images.
Still, Brunswik remains a scientific outsider in both the study of visual perception and decision making.
The ralionale for this study is based upon I) accumulating evidence that the neural substrate controlling photic circadian responses is distinct from the visual channels subserving image formation and visual perception.