visual memory

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visual memory

Psychology The ability to recall visual images in the form of objects, events, or words
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vis·u·al mem·o·ry

(vizh'ū-ăl mem'ŏr-rē)
Retained memory of objects when the visual stimulus is no longer present.
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The CANTAB tests are a computer-based cognitive assessment system used to examine several areas of cognitive function, including general memory, visual memory, attention, and reaction time and decision making.
Chai explains in the paper that after 12 weeks, the tart cherry juice group saw a number of significant results: * 5% increase in subjective contentment with memory * 4% reduction in movement time * 23% reduction in errors in episodic visual memory * 3% improvement in visual sustained attention * 18% reduction in errors during spatial memory working tasks.
Specifically, the tart cherry group showed a five per cent increase in satisfaction with their ability to remember things, a four per cent reduction in movement time (a measurement of speed of response to visual stimuli) and a 23 per cent reduction in errors made during an episodic visual memory task (which assesses visual memory and new learning) compared to placebo.
"My most recent work aims," says the artist "at beginning from the 'form' of colour as it emerges through light (feeling, sentiment, 'heart'), and subtly embracing the design (thought, perception, 'mind'), to arrive through a spontaneous painting process to a visual memory, imagination ('painting')."
Etched in many a woman's visual memory is the scene where Hepburn, in the Givenchy little black dress-that has also become an iconic staple in the modern woman's wardrobe-stands before the Tiffany display window in early-morning New York, lusting for the jewelry behind the glass.
In adrenomyelopathy the patients are observed with difficulty in controlling urination, muscle weakness or leg stiffness, difficulties in thinking speed and lack of visual memory. In Addison disease or adrenal gland failure the major symptoms observed are coma, decreased apetite, skin pigmentation, loss of weight, muscle weakness and vomiting.
The primary outcome was verbal and visual memory tests.
The researchers found that in those with major depression, there were significant positive associations between maximal handgrip strength and improved performance on all five cognitive tasks: visual memory, reaction time, reasoning, number memory, and prospective memory.
The study also showed that maximal handgrip was strongly correlated with both visual memory and reaction time in over one thousand people with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.
During the 90-minute exam, drivers are evaluated on their viewing angle, reaction to traffic signals, selective attention, special judgment on the road, visual memory and capacity to maintain attention.
They were all given verbal and visual memory tests to test how effective the Theracurmin was in increasing memory and attention.
One of the most common diagnostic tests for visual memory is the Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT) (10).

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