visual image

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vis·u·al im·age

a collection of foci corresponding to all the luminous points of an object.
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In the shot at 05:47, the visual image shows that Nemo is stuck in a coral.
Therefore, IR images can contain useful information that is not apparent in visual images. Alternatively, detailed information within the visual band is not included in IR images.
Thus, we considered that congruence between the visual image and a consumer's self-image would be an important variable in art infusion advertising.
Pixolution is the leading visual image search technology provider in Berlin, Germany.
Results and the Analysis of the Visual Image Operation of Subjects with Different Sports Levels.
Both of these novels combine the visual image and the written word and Selznick does this skilfully through his intricate illustrations and imaginative writing style.
The upcoming event is filled with official events, performances, visual images and exhibitions presenting 20 contents and some 100 events along with a number of subsidiary events, including the Gyeongju downtown festival and associated events.&nbsp;<br /><br />The official events include the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, the Gyeongju culture introduction day and a variety of other events such as the theme performance, the world dance festival, the B-Boy festival, the street performance, the children festival theater and the Korean college students dance festival will be presented.
They completed an advanced modelling course taught at Visual Image.
The device uses application-specific integrated circuits to transform digital images from a camera into electrical signals in the eye that the brain uses to create a visual image. The system features a video camera and transmitter mounted in sunglasses, a visual processing unit, and a battery pack to power the device that is worn on the belt.
4) How exactly does explicitly visual image add to the image available to the mind through words?

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