visual image

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vis·u·al im·age

a collection of foci corresponding to all the luminous points of an object.
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In the shot at 05:47, the visual image shows that Nemo is stuck in a coral.
Visual Image executive director Judy Dodwell presented certificates to the graduates.
The growth of scholarly interest in visuals marks a cultural reality: visual images have become a predominant means of transmitting information in the twentieth century and may be even more so in the next century.
The same applies to all visual image pieces for which we are responsible.
Many fresh insights emerge from these chapters, and while Rushing emphasizes the high degree of independence of the visual images and the power of these images to communicate by pictorial means, he has much to say that is of interest to students of the texts.
He enjoys having this new technology combine sound effects, music and voice-over with multiple levels of visual images.
The master calendar gave all of us a visual image of progress on a week-to-week basis.
Models were presented with certificates by Visual Image executive director Judy Dodwell.
We must confront the problem of identifying the visual image before we can identify the body of visual image research.
One of the most interesting of these was the visual image itself - three of the five works were aggressively antivisual in their cancellation of the image in favor of the realm of discursive and auditory means.
Grinvald says the brain was envisioned as averaging the output from perhaps hundreds of thousands of individual nerve cells to eliminate the variability due to anything but some common signal-such as the visual image.
A new theory holds that outfielders perform this task by running or positioning themselves so their visual image of the moving ball's path follows a straight line.

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