visual hallucinations

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visual hallucinations

Etymology: L, visus, vision, alucinari
a subjective visual experience in the absence of objective evidence of a corresponding stimulus. Such hallucinations are most likely to be associated with acute organic disorders such as toxic confusional psychoses, delirium, and focal brain diseases and may occur with any stage of schizophrenia.

hallucinations, visual

Visual perception not evoked by a light stimulus. They may be provoked by some pathological process anywhere along the visual pathway, or as a result of an organic brain disease. See Charles Bonnet syndrome.

Patient discussion about visual hallucinations

Q. my dad has msa, he has recently started seeing things, eg aliens, government consp.ext not fully reconzing lov does not reconize loved ones while having these episodes, becomes anxious and ill manered just not like my dad at all, he's so quite and polite normally.

A. Multi Systems Atrophy = MSA

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Merabet L B, Maguire D, Warde A and others (2004) Visual hallucinations during prolonged blind folding in sighted subjects.
Visual hallucinations have numerous etiologies, but are mostly commonly observed in organic brain disorders and psychoses.
Other authors have described more or less the same clinical picture; for example, Rosenthal described patients suffering from post-drug visual hallucinations lasting as long as five months from the time of drug use (2).
Although she did not return to her baseline by this point, her myoclonus, rigidity and visual hallucinations had resolved.
Charles Bonnet syndrome is a condition characterised by the presence of visual hallucinations in patients having visual impairment most commonly reported in the seventh decade.
One subject reported auditory hallucinations, confirming a previous report (Al-Assmar 1999) and, additionally, two subjects reported visual hallucinations.
b) Visual hallucinations of occipital lobe epilepsies are mainly colored and circular, develop rapidly (within seconds), and are relatively brief (2-3 minutes).
In Geordie Sinatra, the protagonist suffers from a different form of dementia to Fiona''s father: Dementia with Lewy bodies* (DLB), which often manifests itself in visual hallucinations.
Next is an article that discusses the impact of anxiety in persons who have visual hallucinations as a result of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which affects many older individuals with low vision.
It is characterized by visual hallucinations ranging from simple patterns, faces, and landscapes to complex motion pictures of strange and sometimes disturbing scenes.

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