visual field defect

vis·u·al field de·fect

(vizh'ū-ăl fēld dē'fekt)
Specific types of vision loss due to problems in the eye itself or the brain.
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Given the visual field shown for the left eye, what visual field defect would be found in the right eye'
It is also interesting that a strong relationship was found between mean paracentral visual field defect values in Octopus perimetry and temporal peripapillary vessel density values.
Optic nerve damage primarily results in peripheral visual field defect, and in advanced stage also to central visual field loss, loss of fixation (2), and decrease in visual acuity (3).
Correlation between central corneal thicknessand visual field defect, cup to disc ratio and retinal nerve fiber layerthickness in primary open angle glaucoma patients.
Humphrey's visual fields test showed an advanced glaucomatous visual field defect in his right eye (Figure 3) and an early superior arcuate defect in his left visual field.
In the Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) test performed in the opthalmology clinic, it was observed that there was loss in P latance in the right eye and arcuate visual field defect was found in the right eye in the visual field test.
Bilateral optic disc drusen with severe progressive visual field defect. Neuroophthalmol 2001; 2(4):229-32.
There are only a few studies and case reports in the literature of this condition describing electroretinography as the critical test for confirmation of diagnosis in addition to the clinical findings and the visual field defect [1-3].
Patients with asymmetric glaucomatous visual field loss have a significantly prolonged AVP time in the hemifield with the larger visual field defect [12].
Hemianopia is a type of visual field defect which means people lose vision on the same side in both eyes.
Bruce found he had a severe visual field defect, which is often caused by tumours.
Fundoscopic examination was normal with no visual field defect. Emergency computed tomography demonstrated a homogenous enhancing extraconal space-occupying lesion in the left superior lateral orbit, with compression of the superior rectus muscle and inferior displacement of the globe causing proptosis (Figure 1).