Friedmann visual field analyser

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analyser, Friedmann visual field 

Instrument designed to examine the central visual field. It utilizes a single xenon discharge tube placed within an integrating bowl, in front of which are fenestrated plates which can present 15 different patterns composed of either two, three or four stimuli of variable intensity and brief duration. Mark II has two programmes with 18 and 31 patterns each. See automated perimeter.
Millodot: Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, 7th edition. © 2009 Butterworth-Heinemann
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Visual field evaluation was done using the 30-2 SITA-Standard algorithm (Humphrey Visual Field Analyser; Carl Zeiss Meditech, USA).
Visual field analysis (where possible) was done using Humphrey visual field analyser. In selected cases, we performed fluorescein angiography.
Tucked away in a private space outside our examination room stands our mighty Humphrey visual field analyser ('HFA' to its friends), imposing and proud as a bull elephant.
Instead of using one dot size, the visual field analyser test uses a pattern of differently sized dots, tailored for both size and light intensity to catch early blind spots and loss of peripheral vision.
HAAG-STREIT UK has updated its visual field analyser Octopus 600 (pictured below) with the two most commonly used macula program; the physiology-based M-programme and the 10-2.
The detailed overview of how to interpret visual field plots of a Humphrey Visual Field Analyser was, in contrast, very bright and informative.
The Foresee PHP is a non-invasive visual field analyser for monitoring age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and early detection of conversion to choroidal neovascularisation (wet AMD or CNV).