visual fatigue

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fatigue, visual

A feeling of weariness resulting from a visual task. It can be of ocular, muscular or psychic origin. However, there does not seem to be objective proof of a reduction in visual aptitude (e.g. visual acuity) accompanying visual fatigue. See asthenopia.
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3,10 Tired eyes, blurred vision and headaches were found to be the top 3 symptoms occurring among viewers (Figure1); this goes on to show that visual fatigue has a substantial positive correlation with the viewing of 3-D imagery as confirmed by other researches.
On screen work and visual fatigue and its course after ophthalmologic management.
Table 1 shows the results of research of functional state of visual system and work productivity in PC users with strongly and weakly expressed complaints of visual fatigue.
Percentage Timing and scheduling of states accommodation Administration on multiple days 56 Extended time or breaks not specified 44 Extending time to allow for the use of other accommodations 30 Extending time to allow for eye strain or visual fatigue 20 Extending time to allow for a reader to describe diagrams or illustrated materials 8 Table 2 Environmental setting (n = 50).
Several studies have been conducted on how to adjust perceived depth to avoid visual fatigue [6][9][10].
Bilberry extracts have been used to treat visual fatigue caused by prolonged reading and working in dim light.
Two items relate to mental fatigue, two items relate to physical fatigue, and the remaining items measure resistance against further effort, boredom, and visual fatigue.
Other features include a flicker-free and anti-glare screen to minimise visual fatigue and a range of options such as USB, TV tuner, video, audio in/out, a microphone and a speaker.
Consequently, the appropriate use of color can maximize productivity, minimize visual fatigue, and relax the whole body.
While early investigations focused on visual fatigue and ocular complaints, in the late 1970s research began to examine radiation effects.
Eyesight: Temporary visual fatigue can lead to sore eyes and headaches and may be permanent.
The onset of either increased nystagmus or finger pointing behavior was interpreted as a measure of visual stress or visual fatigue.