visual evaluation

vis·u·al e·val·u·a·tion

(vizhū-ăl ĕ-valyū-āshŭn)
Examination of a cutting edge to evaluate sharpness accomplished by holding the working-end under a strong light source. A dull cutting edge reflects light because it is rounded and thick and reflected light appears as a bright line running along the edge of the face. A sharp cutting edge is more of a line-with no thickness-and so does not reflect light.
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But a visual evaluation inside the Moda Center late Wednesday night indicated they rode the tank to Oregon.
Contract notice: Execution Of Assignment Or Update Of Asbestos Technical Report (Dta), Tracking Asbestos And Lead Before Work, Asbestos Before Tracking Demolition And Sale Front, Dust Measurement, Review After Work And Visual Evaluation Of Asbestos Materials Periodic
In addition to the well-proven BYK-Gardner light booth range, the lite version with five light sources and compact design builds the standard for critical visual evaluation in laboratory and production.
Sitting down in front of the outlet permits uninterrupted visual evaluation of the distention of the soft perineal tissues.
A visual evaluation was also part of the project, leading to a redesign that unified the various platforms visually.
The following Figure Legend describes the visual evaluation of some of the PET images and its correlation with DAS and ESR.
Two light sources that have the same CCT and CRI may still not render colors the same way, but the two factors still serve as a good starting point for evaluating color performance--the real test will come when you perform your own visual evaluation.
In addition, we showed that the object evaluation, entropy and Xydeas and Petrovic index, does not completely agree with human visual evaluation by showing the results using two different parameter sets.
Computer-aided image analysis has multiple advantages, avoiding the effects of human subjectivity resulting from manual visual evaluation.
After they do a quick visual evaluation, the staff assesses each patient's physical condition and assigns their treatment to the medical professional best suited to help them.
This finding highlights the importance of training and experience for the performance of visual evaluation.
Color, gloss and other expert visual evaluation services are also available.

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