visual efficiency

vis·u·al ef·fi·cien·cy

a rating used in computing compensation for industrial ocular injuries, incorporating measurements of central acuity, visual field, and ocular motility.
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Visual acuity scores were then converted into visual efficiency scores for analysis (Snell-Sterling Visual-Efficiency Scale, n.
Getting the right prescription for eyeglasses eyewear or sunglasses involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency, your ability to process visual information seamlessly, as well as making sure your ocular alignment (vertically and horizontally) is spot on for the best depth perception when lining up that perfect golf shot.
Fortunately, the owner installed blinds to block the daylight and shades to diffuse it, reducing the energy and cost savings, but improving the visual efficiency of the attractive space.
gt;>> Improved visual efficiency and clarity: The WebEdit toolbar has been reworked to allow for simple viewing of the process flow status on a single page.
Perhaps one of the most widely ignored topics in optometric practice is the impact of light on visual efficiency.
Since that time, educators in the field of visual impairment have focused attention on improving visual efficiency.
Such specialized light filtering lenses will naturally provide enhanced visual efficiency and visual comfort for noncomputer related tasks.
Featuring GUNNAR's i-AMP([R]) lens technology, the new co-branded eyewear improves visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery during gaming sessions.
There is less information on visual efficiency training for higher-functioning students in this chapter, but it is very thorough in its descriptions of the principles behind sensory development and how to facilitate sensory efficiency.
These systems provide active brake coaching, fuel economy histories and visual efficiency reinforcements that allow drivers to maximize the vehicle's EPA-estimated 45-mpg fuel consumption rating in city driving conditions.
TM-24-13 introduces the Equivalent Visual Efficiency (EVE) method, which uses equivalent visual acuity as a baseline for determining light levels for Visually Demanding Tasks.
Patented lens filters eliminates harmful digital rays, improving visual efficiency and gaming endurance.

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