visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU) 

The visual image appearing on the screen of a cathode ray tube. See computer vision syndrome.
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The prevalence of non-specific work-related upper limb disorders among visual display unit workers in The Netherlands, and also worldwide, is high.
Visual display units (VDU) operated by microprocessors are favored for the main parts of the machine monitoring system, namely the transducer, transmitter and display.
Scrolling visual display units will also show the name of each approaching station.
The screens - also known as visual display units (VDUs), monitors and display screens - are often blamed for a variety of health problems such as headaches or eyestrain.
The patient's location can then be tracked to within yards and their details fed to visual display units in theatres, anaesthetic rooms and waiting areas.
Where will I find information in relation to employees' use of visual display units to ensure that the conditions they are operating in are compliant with any legislation?
ICS Systems have been proactive in the use of such data presentation and also offer visual display units which show, in colour, all of the control parameters as they ore developing in the process and display a graphic at the end of each run which can be printed off as well as seen on the screen.