confrontation test

(redirected from visual confrontation)

con·fron·ta·tion test

(kon'frŭn-tā'shŭn test)
A rough assessment of the visual fields in which the examiner and subject look into one another's eyes while objects are brought into view from each side, above, and below.
Synonym(s): visual confrontation.
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The 65 [+ or -] 2 group performed worse in processing speed (PCVienna cognitive and motor reaction times), attention (TMT-A), executive functions (digit and visuospatial spans, Stroop test, verbal fluency for letters and actions, and Luria's hand alternative movements and motor coordination), episodic memory (learning and delayed free recall in Logical Memory, TAVEC, and Visual Reproduction), procedural memory (errors and time in learning trials in Hanoi Tower), visuoconstructive functions (copy in Visual Reproduction and Block Design), and language (lexical access by visual confrontation) (Table 3).
They make the historical point that Matisse borrowed from Picasso too, but they spoil the principal visual confrontation by buffering it.