visual closure

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delayed primary closure the surgical closing of a wound several days after the injury because the wound was initially too contaminated to close; called also healing by third intention.
Vacuum Assisted closure (VAC) trademark for a system that uses the controlled negative pressure of a vacuum to promote healing of certain types of wound. The edges of the wound are made airtight with foam and a dressing, and a tube is placed in the wound, connecting to a canister that creates a vacuum. Infectious materials and other fluids are then sucked out of the wound.
velopharyngeal closure closure of nasal air escape by the elevation of the soft palate and contraction of the posterior pharyngeal wall; see also velopharyngeal insufficiency.
visual closure identification of complete forms or objects from incomplete visual presentations.
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vis·u·al clo·sure

(viz'ū-ăl klō'zhŭr)
Identification of forms or objects from incomplete presentation.
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It has six subtests, three of which are motor-enhanced (copying, visual-motor search, and visual motor speed) and three which are motor-reduced (figure-ground, visual closure, and form constancy).
The MVPT-3 assesses participants for five theoretical constructs of visual perception, including: spatial relationships, visual discrimination, figure-ground, visual closure, and visual memory (Colarusso & Hammill, 2003).
Visual closure disorder -- Trouble deciphering an incomplete image, "Telephone" from "Tel phone," for example.