visual centre

centre, visual 

Centre of the brain concerned with vision. See visual area; calcarine fissure.
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The combined effect of these changes is a more premium look, highlighted by shorter overhangs, a bold front fascia, a long and low hood and a visual centre of gravity moved closer to the rear wheels.
Internally, the distillery, audio visual centre, exhibit space and cafe will create an interactive and memorable experience for its visitors.
Damage to eyes Without protection, too much exposure to the sun can result in damage to the retina, which is responsible for creating the images sent to the visual centre of the brain.
Riaz ul Islam Audio Visual Centre, at the Department of General History, University of Karachi.
The Suzuki design people have introduced some exclusive aerodynamic bits to help control the airflow which suppresses lift and gives the car a lower visual centre of gravity while metallic grey high density headlamps add further to the dynamics of the design.
This was the mixed-up mise-en-scene proposed by Brian Duggan in Everything can be done, in principle, 2012, a participatory installation commissioned for the enormous main exhibition space at Visual Centre for.
The exterior design has a definite sporty feel with exclusive aerodynamic parts to control the airflow, suppress lift and give the car a lower visual centre of gravity.
New Delhi was planned by the greatest British architect of the last century, Edwin Lutyens, who was responsible for the great palace with its dominant dome that lies at the visual centre of the new city: Viceroy's House (now known as Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the residence of the president of the Republic of India; Figs.
It will be a double storey building and will stock about 35 000 books; a computer and audio visual centre that will be able to accommodate around 80 people; study space for 220 students/learners; and a hall that will accommodate 125 people.
Add to this the exclusive aerodynamic parts of on the new Swift Sport to control the airflow, suppress lift and give the car a lower visual centre of gravity.
This spot, much closer to the larger form, becomes the visual centre of the work.
Best bit: The repeated appearance of a little girl in a red coat (the only colour used in the film) is the film's visual centre piece.