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Etymology: L, visitare, to see often
1 n, a meeting between a practitioner and a client or patient. In the hospital and the home, the practitioner makes a visit to the patient; in the clinic or office the patient makes a visit to the practitioner.
2 v, (of a patient) to meet a practitioner to obtain professional services or (of a practitioner) to see a patient or client to render a professional service.


See Patient encounter. See Site visit.


An encounter between a patient and a health professional that requires either the patient to travel from his or her home to the professional's usual place of practice (office visit) or vice versa (home visit).

Patient discussion about visit

Q. Can you get influenza after a dentist visit? I’ve been to the dentist yesterday and I woke up sick. Is it considered mal practice?

A. o..relax..first of all you can get the flu anywhere and anytime. Secondly- it takes more than a day to develop symptoms so yo probably got it from someone else. It’s not mal practice anyway, and stop thinking on how you can get money off your dentist :) here is a Southpark episode about it:

Q. when dirarear subsides what can i eat,its been 14 hrs since last visit to toilet

A. try dry toast.

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The President promised that he would visit our school on the 16th of December.
When it became known that the President was going to visit our school, the white citizens of the town of Tuskegee--a mile distant from the school--were as much pleased as were our students and teachers.
Dear Sir: By this mail I take pleasure in sending you engrossed copies of the souvenir of the visit of the President to your institution.
The average amount spent on visits to the UK in 2016 was PS596, slightly less than the PS608 spent per visit in 2015.
Secondly, the Pope came on a pastoral visit to encourage the small 33,000 Catholic diaspora living among 72 million Muslims and at the same time, plead for a proper recognition of their rights and freedoms.
It was very supportive of these outstanding athletes to visit hospitalized veterans in these cities as part of their team's salute to veterans on Nov.
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9, 1985 -- A private advisory panel to Chief Cabinet Secretary Takao Fujinami submits report saying a prime minister's visit to Yasukuni is constitutional unless it is made under a religious rite.
Specifically, patient intake, registration, scheduling, referral authorization and management, test scheduling and financial management can all be executed on the telephone before the visit.
Visit this Web site from the San Diego Natural History Museum to learn about organisms that make their own light: www.
If your insurance plan does not cover your visit, the cost is normally $20 to $30.