vision quest

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A solitary sojourn into the wilderness undertaken by a boy of the Plains tribes of Native Americans, who goes to pray and commune with nature; the goal of the quest is to have a vision of an animal or other spirit, who will have special significance, and ultimately guide his life

vision quest,

n See Hanbleceya.
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CONTACT: Katie Davis, +1-808-268-3300; or Sponsor, Apryl Douglas of Vision Quest Books, +1-480-949-1888, for Katie Davis
Many associate the vision quest with the rite young Native American males undertake as they pass from adolescence to manhood.
This book has been written and designed to take the reader on a journey of self-reflection, awareness, and on an in-depth Vision Quest.
I just went to a spa and I met a guy who was connected to the tribe and he told me about this vision quest which they don't let outsiders on.
In fact, he has developed a Relationship Vision Quest based on extensive research.
In that time they've donated $14,000 to beneficiaries, including Heifer International, Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network, Vision Quest, a women's shelter and the brain injury unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where their daughter works.
Broken Trail, a 13-year-old Oneida boy at the time of the American Revolution, has undertaken a vision quest to find his oki, his spirit protector.
Heart-throb Lautner has also been linked to action drama Cancun and the Vision Quest remake in recent weeks.
London, Dec 21 (ANI): Taylor Lautner is all set to flaunt his toned body once again on the silver screen - the New Moon star is talking to film bosses for the lead role in a remake of 1985's Vision Quest, it has emerged.
Our next stop was rather unusual - the Vision Quest ranch near Salinas.
For the ultimate on shooting tips and techniques, check out Traditional Vision Quest Production's latest DVD release, Master of the Barebow Vol.
His life is changed forever in these few days: it's sort of an unusual Outward Bound experience, or a version of a Vision Quest.