vision quest

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A solitary sojourn into the wilderness undertaken by a boy of the Plains tribes of Native Americans, who goes to pray and commune with nature; the goal of the quest is to have a vision of an animal or other spirit, who will have special significance, and ultimately guide his life

vision quest,

n See Hanbleceya.
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Owens relays the story of Jim Joseph's vision quest three times within the novel.
Unlike the first night of my vision quest, the black owl did not
provided the lesson from the first vision quest much more explicitly.
TransAlta's 314-MW renewable energy portfolio includes 151-MW of wind energy operated by Vision Quest and 163-MW of geothermal energy in California through a 50 per cent interest in CE Generation LLC.
Vision Quest is currently negotiating contracts with parties interested in purchasing green power.
6, 2002, the corporation completed a step acquisition of Vision Quest Windelectric Inc.
TransAlta Corporation (NYSE:TAC)(TSX:TA) announced today it has completed the previously announced purchase of Vision Quest Windelectric Inc.
As President of her own marketing consultancy, she created Hispanic market promotional programs for Nestle USA, Major League Baseball International, Vision Quest and Pacific Trading Cards.
The worlds of "The Vision Quest," along with their heroes and villains, have been an ongoing project of Pratt's for almost 20 years.
3-million US) investment in Vision Quest Windelectric Inc.