visible radiation

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visible radiation

Etymology: L, visibilis, vision, radiare, to shine
electromagnetic radiation in the wavelengths between infrared and ultraviolet that can be perceived by most normal humans.

visible radiation

The radiation of the visible spectrum, which may be broken up into different wavelengths representing different colors:

Violet, 3900–4550 angstrom units (A.U.)

Blue, 4550–4920 A.U.

Green, 4920–5770 A.U.

Yellow, 5770–5970 A.U.

Orange, 5970–6220 A.U.

Red, 6220–7700 A.U.

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By using echolocation, "which is three-dimensional, and makes it possible to 'see' through materials that are opaque to visible radiation," it is possible to measure the distance of an object based on the time that elapses between the emission of a sound wave and an echo being received of this wave as it is reflected from the object.
Intense, competing emissions from cooler stars in the cluster's core dominate the visible radiation, explains Stecher, of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
A UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer measures the absorption and reflectance of ultraviolet and visible radiation to analyze a sample.