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1. The berries of Viscum album (family Loranthaceae), a parasitic plant growing on apple, pear, and other trees; has been used as an oxytocic. Synonym(s): mistletoe
2. Herbage of Phoradendron flavescens, American mistletoe; has been used as an oxytocic and emmenagoque.
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Molecular characterization of the recombinant A-chain of a type 11 ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP) from Viscum album coloratum and structural basis on its ribosome-inactivating activity and the sugar-binding properties of the B-chain.
In addition to repeated vaginal washing and soaking the feet in Brassica alba and Viscum album, a spoon of Alchemilla vulgaris is ground and dissolved in one litre of water to be taken by the wife if she suffers from a prolapse of the uterus.
In regard to Viscum and Sumbul, thank you for the tip.
Mistletoe is familiar to everyone at Christmas, but despite a history in folklore and legend extending back to ancient times, relatively little seems to be known about this strange plant parasite in the UKThere is just one species of mistletoe in Britain - viscum album.
All mistletoes are parasitic shrubs, generally rooting in crevices in the bark of trees, though one tiny species, Viscum minimum , grows on the roots and stems of euphorbias.
Viscum both whistles and raps out sound signals - undoubtedly musical.
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This diarylheptanoid has been isolated in Viscum cruciatum Sieber (Martin-Cordero et al.
Tumoricidal activity of mouse peripheral macrophages treated with Viscum album extract.
They also produce bottle-conditioned Fortus, Optimus, Redburn Special, Haltwhistle Pride, Twice Brewed IPA and a winter ale called Viscum (mistletoe).