visceral pericardium

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the fibroserous sac enclosing the heart and the roots of the great vessels, composed of external (fibrous) and internal (serous) layers.
adherent pericardium one abnormally connected with the heart by dense fibrous tissue.
fibrous pericardium the external layer of the pericardium, consisting of dense fibrous tissue.
parietal pericardium the parietal layer of the serous pericardium, which is in contact with the fibrous pericardium.
serous pericardium the inner, serous portion of pericardium, consisting of two layers, visceral and parietal; the space between the layers is the pericardial cavity.
visceral pericardium the inner layer of the serous pericardium, which is in contact with the heart and roots of the great vessels. Called also epicardium.

vis·cer·al per·i·car·di·um

the layer of the pericardial sac on the epicardial surface of the heart. It is composed mainly of a single layer of mesothelium.
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This thin serous-layered sac has an inner layer called the visceral pericardium, which covers the surface of the heart.