visceral mesoderm

vis·cer·al mes·o·derm

the splanchnic mesoderm or the pharyngeal mesoderm.
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Though the etiology may be unknown yet there may be the role of certain teratogenic agents or angiogenic cell clusters (Differentiated from visceral mesoderm of the wall of the yolk sac] at the beginning of 3rd week of intrauterine life.
Using light and electron microscopy, we focused on the origin and organization of the trophosome in order to determine whether it resembles the complex vestimentiferan trophosome derived from the visceral mesoderm (as suggested by the relationship between Sclerolinum and Vestimentifera), the somatic mesodermal Osedax trophosome, or the endodermal organized frenulate trophosome.
The trophosome of Sclerolinum contortum is clearly derived from the visceral mesoderm. Most of the trophosome is an apolar tissue strand composed of bacteriocytes and mesenchyme anteriorly and of bacteriocytes surrounded by a peripheral peritoneum posteriorly.