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Nearly 40% of patients with Varicella zoster virus pneumonia require mechanical ventilation, and mortality rate is approximately 10% in adults with any co-morbid conditions (1, 3).
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She was half way through her teacher training course at Goldsmiths College when she contracted virus pneumonia and died tragically in January 1961.
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Smoking and a large number of lesions are the most significant factors associated with an increased risk of developing varicella zoster virus pneumonia in pregnancy reported Dr.
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Two hematoxylin and eosin-stained lung sections from this patient, examined by using material from the archives of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (5) as part of a review of possible 1918 influenza virus pneumonia cases, showed acute pneumonia with extensive necrosis (online Technical Appendix Figure, panel A,
Ignacio Morones Prieto" is a public hospital located in San Luis Potosi that served as a reference center for evaluation and treatment of patients with suspected influenza virus pneumonia. In this article, we describe the results of investigations performed to determine the etiology of this outbreak and report the clinical findings, treatments, and patient outcomes.